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Carol Wright LLB (Hons)

Profile: Carol is a Barrister and has worked for over ten years in the voluntary sector, advising and representing people in the field of human rights, asylum and immigration. She has studied Family Law as part of her professional training and is keen to specialise in this area for the future.

Carol is a trained advocate and has represented people in the civil courts and tribunals nationwide. The advantage of choosing Carol to be your McKenzie Friend, other than the fact that she is a trained advocate, is that she has years of experience preparing cases for court and an ability to carry out excellent legal research, along with her familiarity with the court procedures.

An Accredited Mediator, Carol offers a calm and compassionate approach to mediation.  She is a good listener being both perceptive and sensitive to the needs of the parents (or couple) involved and will go the extra mile to see that an positive outcome and effective solution is reached for everyone.

Carol believes that everyone is entitled to have access to justice and a fair hearing; will be there to help you to prepare your case for court and to assist and support you throughout the court hearing.  

Family Mediation

Carol offers her services as a McKenzie Friend in the areas of Family Law and Social Welfare law (having represented people at the Disability Appeal Tribunal).

Since the recent Legal Aid cuts Carol is aware that it is proving difficult for some people to have access to the law because they cannot afford solicitors’ fees.  

She offers her service to address the balance and to allow those who find that they are forced to represent themselves, owing to a lack of finances, are able to have access to the legal support for an affordable fee.

Carol lives in Hertfordshire and is happy to travel anywhere in the country to assist people.

E-Mail: Carol Wright

Carol can also be contacted at:

Access Lawyers

Gibson House

800 High Road


N17 0DH

Tel: 020 8801 2345