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Terry White

E-Mail: Terry White

Profile: Terry is a Law graduate (Australia),  former chartered accountant and oil and gas banker with over twenty years experience negotiating and documenting substantial international transactions in challenging jurisdictions. working at the partner level with top-tier City law firms.

He has a prodigious ability to integrate the financial, legal and emotional aspects of complex situations to help devise bespoke and watertight solutions that achieve stability in separated families.

Terry is a veteran of self-representation in English Family Courts, favourably completing 7 ½ years of inter-parental dispute including financial settlement, contact frustration and parental alienation.

Terry is currently studying towards a Masters in Law (to include England & Wales GDL) but is also a Member of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (UK); Chartered Accountancy: Institute of Chartered Accountants (Australia) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Law): Curtin University, Perth, Australia.

Service and Support

Terry is experienced in providing Family Court advice, document preparation and assisting as a McKenzie Friend to ESL and dyslexic parents.

He has also dealt with Finding of Fact hearings as well as making Appeals.

In his spare time Terry enjoys a variety of active sports including: Rock climbing, Kayaking, Sailing, Cross-country running and parenting his three children.

Terry has a wealth of experience gained over many years and provides below a number of testimonials from his clients.

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