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Merthyr Tydfil

Steven Wade BSc (Hons)

E-Mail: Steven Wade

Profile: Steven is a highly experienced full-time McKenzie Friend, having assisted people facing the Family Court system. He has dealt with cases involving many of the areas frequently faced in the Family Law system including drugs and substance abuse, domestic and child abuse, Leave to Remove cases and Parental Alienation.

He has a strong background in negotiation, often assisting litigants to achieve successful outcomes without the need for a trial and a proven ability to `get things moving’ by providing solutions that may not immediately seem viable. He also has a talent for assisting with case management to ensure those he assist have a clear plan and goal, helping them to understand how things are going and how they need to go more easily.

In addition to this Steven is able to help you with paperwork at all stages in your case – from position and witness statements, to Scott Schedules and also full trial bundles. He is able to assist you during bundle preparation to ensure your evidence is set before the court and also with cross examination questions for a trial.

He is a decisive individual who can make a difference to your case.

Service and Support

Steven’s approach is always to achieve everything possible without the need of a hard, acrimonious and potentially expensive court case. He achieves this by anticipating the likely hurdles faced by those he assists and firmly believes that most of the work in a court case is done outside the court room.


With Steven assisting you, you will have someone who knows what is liable to work and what doesn’t but also someone who understands how difficult it can be to go through the court process.

Steven has worked in courts around England and Wales including the Royal Courts of Justice in London, assisting people in Child Matters but also in divorce and finance. His experience has been gained whilst assisting services users as a volunteer for Families Need Fathers and in many cases that occupy him on a full time basis.

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You can find out more about the services offered and book a free consultation from the FLA link below.