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Debbie Thomas

E-Mail: Debbie Thomas

Profile:  Debbie offers support to all who need it in Brighton, the surrounding areas of Sussex and Surrey – and will travel further afield on request.

She has a background in writing for legal journals and holds a Postgraduate degree in Law.  She offers a wealth of experience spanning children, divorce, divorce finances and domestic violence.  

Having managed her own divorce from start to finish and having represented herself at a number of contested court hearings – plus related civil matters, and as a witness in criminal matters – over a number of years, Debbie is adept at unravelling legal jargon and working calmly and steadily towards the best outcome.

Debbie is highly experienced at producing paperwork at all stages of a case, including professional emails and letters, trial bundles, position statements and witness statements. Her calm demeanour and thorough approach have produced many positive results.

CLOCK CLOCK Samaritans Call 116 123 (UK) from any phone

CLOCK - Legal Companion

During her time as a Legal Companion for the CLOCK (Community Legal Outreach Keele) scheme in Brighton courts, Debbie helped clients with court forms, arranging court papers, note-taking in hearings and signposting to legal and charitable services.

Debbie has her own web site Going to Court Alone  where you can obtain more detailed information about the services she offers. (See link below.)

Service and Support

Having been a litigant in person, Debbie understands the value of receiving help from someone who has walked in your shoes.  She works flexibly with clients to prepare written communications and forms, provide support and take notes in court and advise on points of law and court procedure.

Debbie specialises in:


Divorce Finances
Domestic Violence

Going to Court Alone