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Antonia Tarnoy BA (Hons), PgDL

Antonia understands very well that the emotional and potential financial impact of litigation can make it a traumatic experience, especially for litigants in person.

Antonia’s legal, professional and personal experience make her a reassuring presence by your side when facing adversity.

Profile:  After working in international commerce, Antonia qualified as a Solicitor in 2005, specialising in litigation. She has extensive experience of managing disputes, preparing cases for court and representing people in courts and tribunals up to the High Court and Court of Appeal. An excellent negotiator, she has helped people settle disputes without the acrimony, stress and potential expense of a trial, including in mediation proceedings.

As a McKenzie Friend, Antonia can help you with paperwork at all stages of your case, including preparing court forms, applications and full trial bundles of evidence, drafting witness statements and reviewing the evidence of the other side for any weaknesses or omissions.  Antonia knows how to ask the right questions.  She can also carry out detailed legal research and, of course, support you through any court or mediation process.

After becoming a mother and then separating from her partner, Antonia  also qualified as a personal development coach. She helps people discover solutions to overcome hurdles they are facing in any area of their lives.  She has a particular interest in helping parents, both men and women.  

Service and Support

Over the course of her diverse career and extensive travels, Antonia has worked with people from all walks of life, in many different capacities.  Highly empathetic and a good listener, she quickly understands people and the issues they face.  She helps people work through challenges in times of change or upheaval. She is dedicated, pragmatic and supportive, both in a professional and a personal capacity.

Antonia offers a free initial consultation to identify key issues and the options available to you as an individual.  This can be by telephone or in person.  

Antonia is based in South-West London.

E-Mail: Antonia Tarnoy