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This page is a new development and stems from the more involved work McKenzie Friends do with Families and their Children.  Although separation and divorce can effect parents and children in many ways, our experience has shown that there are connected issues, outside of Family Court that families are subjected to following their changes to their personal lives.

Debt Management

It is probably stating the obvious but separation and divorce come at a great financial cost and upheaval to your family’s personal finances.

Without a doubt, one of the most respected sites for managing and controlling your debts is an absolute blessing for those worried by debt collectors, bailiffs and a range of financial problems needing to be addressed, sooner rather than later.

Their web site is matched by an active Face Book page with 59,000 members where people can post asking for help and advice - supported by a very capable and professional team of helpers.

Highly recommended!

FaceBook: Beat the Bailiffs and Banks
Beat the Bailiffs and Banks Samaritans Call 116 123 (UK) from any phone

Substance Testing Service

Ashlee Healthcare Ltd are the only independent consultant in the UK and can advise you on the best way forward for your client where drug and/or alcohol issues are concerned. This saves time and money not to mention delays in proceedings.

Substance Testing Service

Child Support Advice

A completely independent service with no affiliation to the Child Support Agency, the Child Maintenance Service, or any other advisory or legal body.

Our advice is informed, impartial and up to date. We are experts in our field.

Child Support Advice Samaritans