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It is probably stating the obvious but separation and divorce come at a great cost and upheaval to your family’s personal finances. Often this places one parent at a great disadvantage which, on top of everything else, can really enhance the feelings of injustice and helplessness.

With just a little help and a pointer in the right direction it IS possible to represent yourself in Family Court as a Litigant in Person with very little expense other than time and effort.  There are some basic starters and information here; more options on our ‘alternative services’ page and you will find much help and advise, much of it free, from our listed McKenzie Friends. (Follow the links on this page and others.)

Take time to explore these options and to download the forms you might need to start your case or even understand more about why you are the respondent.  Remember that you are not alone and there are many places to seek help and advice from.  Please make sure you get the best advice you can.  And always find a McKenzie Friend of your choice rather than one who finds you!

The Custody Minefield

Possibly the best source of information about Family Law and a wealth of resources to help you.

The Divisional Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy described The Custody Minefield as a ‘gem of information'.  And they now have smart phone guides to add to their ever growing library of information.

Mobile App (FLAPP)

Our Family Law App answers many hundreds of questions that can arise when parents separate and can't reach agreement, are unable to afford a lawyer, or who simply wish to be better informed.

The Custody Minefield

Court Forms - England and Wales

There are many different forms to use in Family Law cases. Below, for your convenience, are the main ones.  If in doubt please feel free to drop us a quick email.

We are grateful to Carrie Shaw, freelance writer, for providing us with this lnik.


Apply for a 'child arrangements', 'prohibited steps' or 'specific issue' order under the Children Act 1989. To apply for help with fees from a court or tribunal hearing. You may not have to pay a fee, or you may get some money off. Apply for an order related to the enforcement of a child arrangements order or to set aside or change an existing enforcement order. Ask for permission to start proceedings, or to request an order or directions in existing proceedings, or to ask to join or leave proceedings.




CAFCASS Parenting Plan

The Parenting Plan is a written plan worked out between parents after they separate and it covers the practical issues of parenting. Please see the link below.

Parenting Plan McKenzie Friends A-Z Alternative Services

Never underestimate the benefit of just talking through your situation with somebody who has experienced this situation and process before.

Family Mediation

Read the Custody Minefield Blog

Provide supplemental information when making or responding to allegations of harm and domestic violence


CAFCASS Parenting Plan