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West Midlands

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To the left of this page are listed those McKenzie Friends who operate locally to this region at the top and a list of McKenzie Friends who are able or willing to travel to this region from their own local area.

In addition, should you not be able to obtain any assistance from anyone listed here, thee is a list of Alternative Resources with links available on our website - see below.

It may also be possible for you to get telephone and email support from one of our members which, although not ideal, may worth considering in an emergency.

There are some links to helpful organisations in Scotland below. As more information is received we will update the links on this page.

Alternative Resources

Amanda McPherson

Kenneth Lane

Steven Wade


Claire Hallam

Michelle John

Graham Fletcher

DF Legal LLP Solicitors

We currently offer a low fixed fee consultation for family law matters, without further obligation.

Sharon Beauhill

Jenny Lewington