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Ashely Pledger

E-Mail: Ashley Pledger

Profile: Ashley is a Psychology and Criminology graduate, with a strong interest in both Law and Child Psychology. She has been trained by, and continues to work closely with, fellow McKenzie Friend Amanda McPherson. Ashley now works as both a McKenzie Friend and Family Support Worker, and in both these roles she is committed to ensuring children have a meaningful relationship with both parents - providing this is in the children’s best interests. Ashley supports co-parenting, and believes successful co-parenting is the best solution for all members of a separated family.

Ashley deals mainly with Children Act Applications, but also has experience in other Private (Family) Law proceedings. She has supported both non-resident and resident parents through the Court process, as well as extended family members such as Grandparents and Aunts.

Ashley has broad knowledge and understanding of Parental Alienation, and in her work as a Family Support Worker, she has experience of working closely with families who have become alienated.

Ashley has a reassuring and friendly nature, and she provides excellent support in this role.