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Anna Montgomery

E-Mail: Anna Montgomery

Profile: Anna was born in Poland and is a highly university educated professional with a Master of Art specialising in linguistics and legal translation. She is a Member of Institute of Translation and Interpreting and can translate all types of documents from Polish into English and English into Polish.

Anna is an understanding and empathetic person dedicated to helping people and has been working helping clients in the family courts. Anna will assist you and is able to explain the family court process, including the role of CAFCASS, she will help you to reduce parental conflict before proceedings start enabling you to gain a positive outcome for your children and family.

Anna offers a variety of services: Divorce, Child Arrangements applications, Court documentation, Prohibited  Steps and Specific Issue Orders, Removal from Jurisdiction and Hague Convention Orders, Non-molestation and Occupation Orders, Mediation, assisting with Notary public documentation, Child Maintenance and Parental Responsibility issues and Translation Services (Polish/English).

Service and Support (Polish)

Urodzona w Polsce, absolwentka Uniwersytetu Jagiellonskiego oraz Uniwersytetu w Westminter.

Tlumacze dla Panstawa cala dokumentacje sadowa dla sadu w UK, pisze statement, udzielam fachowej porady I moge podsunac najlepsze rozwoazania dla Panstwa.

Specjalizuje sie w:

 Rozwodach

 Prawach do dziecka

 Zakazach sadowych-

 Asystuje w mediacjach

 Alimenty w UK

 Wpisanie ojca na certyfikat urodzenia

 Jestem w stanie zajac sie kazdym trudnym przypadkiem, ktory mi Panstwo powierzycie

Translation Service (Polish)

Anna is able to translate documents into Polish/English and English/Polish and to assist Polish clients to write professional statements for the court.

Please call Anna on: 07703392121

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