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McKenzie Friends

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How to Find a McKenzie Friend

Unfortunately there are all too few good McKenzie Friends working in England and Wales.

Using the map to the left select the area you feel is closest to you and click on the link.  This will take you to a list of our McKenzie Friends in that area.

Of course you may chose anyone, even from another area, for a variety of reasons, it is a matter of personal choice and preference.

If you are unable to find anyone working  close to you please get in touch with us as some of our McKenzie Friends are able to travel.

Remember too that you can always make contact with different McKenzie Friends to get a feel as to how they may work with you on your case.

If you are unable to find anyone working  close to you please get in touch with us as some of our McKenzie Friends are able to travel.

How to Choose a McKenzie Friend

It is important that you choose a McKenzie Friend who can assist you through a difficult period when you may feel vulnerable and concerned for your future.

Some suggestions for you:

1. Are they knowledgeable, experienced and skilled?

2.  Can they provide evidence of: qualifications, references, membership and professionalism? Why not?

3.  Do they charge a fee and have they told you how this will be calculated? Have you a contract?

4.  Are you comfortable with the service they are offering?

5. Are they assisting you or taking over your case?

Take time to make this decision and don’t be afraid to ask questions - lot’s of them.

Map Overview

The Map is fairly easy to follow, indeed we hope this is a theme for the whole of our website.

Area A - Scotland has different Family Laws and no McKenzie Friends at this time; though Lay Advisors are permissible.

Area B - Northern Ireland. McKenzie Friends require the permission of the Family Court before they are engaged or involved.

Area C - Wales, though part of the jurisdiction of England and Wales, Wales has slightly changed procedures and CAFCASS Cymru.

Area No - Please contact the McKenzie Friend of your choice remembering some areas will overlap.













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