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Simon Walland

Simon Walland F.Inst.Pa has been a McKenzie Friend since 2002 and began to provide McKenzie Friend Training in 2011. He has been running two courses per year, in the Spring and Autumn, and also provides both individual training as well as specialist training.

McKenzie Friend Training Courses

Training and Courses

Simon’s website, link below, gives those with an interest and passion, access to a wealth of information, online courses and training in Family Law, Mediation and as a McKenzie Friend. Courses also help those who are going through court proceedings and want to understand more about the system, how to work with it, and for those with a general interest in Family Law.

Many of our listed McKenzie Friends have attended Simon’s training programmes.

Parental Alienation

The Pathway Programme was launched  April 2018.

The programme provides advice and support to assist with high conflict cases and alienation.  We work closely with multi-agencies and legal services for positive outcomes.

For detailed information and access to trained specialists see the link below.

Transfer of Residence

Unsuccessful appeal to the High Court by a mother against a decision which transferred the residence of C, aged six, to her father, in light of the mother’s opposition to progressing C’s contact with her father. Permission to appeal was refused, and Mrs Justice Knowles certified the application as being totally without merit.

Re C (A Child) [2018] EWHC 557 (Fam)

Information Links and Other Resources

There will never be enough room to publish information for everyone in every situation.  This page contains what we believe to be links, pointers and information to assist in your search for the most commonly sought answers.


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McKenzie Friend Practice Direction 2010


Family Law Week - Case Law

Resources for parents and carers

Parental Alienation

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