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The Custody Minefield

Possibly the best source of information about Family Law and a wealth of resources to help you.

The Divisional Chair of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy described The Custody Minefield as a ‘gem of information'.  And they now have smart phone guides to add to their ever growing library of information.

Mobile App (FLAPP)

Our Family Law App answers many hundreds of questions that can arise when parents separate and can't reach agreement, are unable to afford a lawyer, or who simply wish to be better informed.

The Custody Minefield

Access (FLAPP) from the link below.

Simon Walland Custody Mindfield

Simon Walland F.Inst.Pa has been a McKenzie Friend since 2002 and began to provide McKenzie Friend Training in 2011. He has been running two courses per year, in the Spring and Autumn, and also provides both individual training as well as specialist training.

Simon Walland Family Law

Training and Courses

His website, link below, gives those with an interest and passion access to a wealth of information, online courses and training in Family Law, Mediation and as a McKenzie Friend and also those who are going through court proceedings and want to understand more about the system and how to work with it, and those with a general interest in Family Law.

Many of our McKenzie Friends have attended Simon’s training sessions.