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Jenny Lewington


Profile: Jenny has had a varied career, predominantly working with families.

Starting in childcare she moved to managing a Family Centre and more recently has been the Manager of a Family Mediation Service for over fifteen years. Jenny is also a current Trustee and past volunteer of a local Children's Contact Centre.

Having seen first hand the problems that the loss of Legal Aid has caused to parents and other family members, Jenny has trained as a McKenzie Friend and uses past career and family experience to provide affordable support and guidance to people who are planning to or are representing themselves at Family Court.

Jenny uses the skills gained from her career and training to help parents and grandparents focus on the needs of children and to improve communication by helping to build “business like” relationships.

Jenny is a firm believer that, as long as it is safe for the children, they should be able to spend quality time with both parents and wider family members.

Service and Support

Jenny is a trained family mediator and has three years experience of delivering the Separated Parents Information Programme.

She completed her McKenzie Friend Training with Simon Walland Family Law and is well qualified to help those who are seeking support with issues affecting children, particularly where alternatives to Court such as Family Mediation have not proven to be successful.

Jenny is based in Coventry and is prepared to travel to provide assistance to Litigants In Person.

More Information

You can find out more about the services offered and book a free consultation from the Support 4 Family Law link below.

Family Mediator

Jenny is also a  trained Family Mediator with three years experience of delivering the Separated Parents Information Programme. (SPIP details below.)

SPIP Course E-Mail: Jenny Lewington