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Alton (Hants)

Philip Kedge BSc (Hons)

Profile: Philip is a retired Senior Police Officer with 22 years service.  He joined the police in 1990 after gaining a Bsc (Hons) Degree in Psychology.

In 2003 he was promoted to Chief Inspector and served as a Commander with much experience in managing case files and in understanding the legal system.

By any standard, going through a divorce, financial resolution and child contact issues is a 'critical incident' in terms of your life, security and future. Whilst the Family Court system is very much process based, the strategies, tactics, positions, evidence, preparation and integrity are the essential issues in presenting your strongest case.  

Philip has personal experience as a Litigant in Person and is familiar with the legal process, procedures and forms as well in assisting with presenting your case.

He provides a very personal 1-1 service. He does not present a stuffy corporate approach and encourages you to talk and express yourself openly in the way that suits you.

Service and Support

As a McKenzie Friend, Phil offers people the option of receiving help and support at a fraction of the cost of a solicitor. Clients who decide to self represent have a strong and experienced ally to help them. Those who retain a solicitor can still significantly reduce costs by planning and preparing with a McKenzie Friend and referring to a solicitor only when absolutely necessary, if at all.

Phil can empathise with the emotions, decisions and issues of going through a separation and divorce. He represented himself at Family Court including a final hearing with a fully successful outcome from his perspective. He became self taught in relation to the procedures, processes, forms and requirements with respect to Divorce, Child Arrangements Orders and Ancillary Relief.

Phil giving a speech to National Police Leaders at the Policy Exchange, London. (2011)

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