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Medway (Kent)

Craig Johnson A.NALP, ILSPA

E-Mail: Craig Johnson NALP

Support in Court

Craig regularly attends court in Kent, London and Essex - in particular: Canterbury, Folkestone, Hastings, Margate, Dartford, Medway, Guildford, East London and Chelmsford.

Profile: Craig is an enthusiastic NALP Licenced Paralegal and has experience in dealing with all levels of management in varied industries and in coaching people to gain a greater understanding. Car has worked in the Legal Sector since 2016 and qualified as a NALP Paralegal in 2018.

As a freelance Paralegal since 2018 Craig has worked within SRA Regulated firms has experience of independently taking instructions from clients.  Since 2019 he has focused within Children Act and Family Law proceedings in relation to parents gaining Child Arrangements Orders or obtaining Parental Responsibility for their children. Craig regularly prepares and assist clients in relation to fact finding hearings relating to domestic abuse.

Craig has a proven ability to use initiative and problem-solving skills to successfully deal with challenges and effectively handle difficult situations.  He is resourceful, analytical and intuitive as a Licensed Paralegal and McKenzie Friend, and has a comprehensive command of legal, office, administrative and support functions combined with his knowledge and experience of legal documents, court and legal procedures and has a BSB Licence to instruct a Barrister on behalf of his clients.

Craig is dyslexic and please forgive any spelling or grammar errors contained within documents.

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