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Michelle John

Profile:  Michelle is a registered paralegal with advanced training as a McKenzie Friend specialising in Domestic Abuse.  Whilst raising the awareness of male and LGBTQ+ victims of abuse Michelle supports all victims of abuse regardless of gender or sexual ordination and provides specific advice in an external training and supporting role to organisations and registered charities.  

With many years of experience in assisting victims of domestic abuse and those who have false allegations of abuse made against them Michelle has a knowledge and understanding of refuge and support services for victims, the MARAC procedure including appropriate use of the Saverlives DASH assessment, non – molestation orders and occupancy orders.

Michelle is DYN Project trained and is also trained to deliver programmes to those effected by domestic abuse, including children from the age of 7 years.  She has also received training by BAWSO around Female Genital Mutilation and forced marriages, as well as being trained by West Wales Action for Mental Health (WWAMH) on suicide prevention, with direct referral to the Men’s Aid charity.

Service and Support

Michelle believes that both parents matter to a child regardless of any parental difficulties and always uses her best endeavours during any court proceedings which involve children to ensure that any contact that can be agreed takes place, if it is safe to do so.

Michelle has progressed her legal knowledge following the change legal aid criteria and found many vulnerable people left facing court proceedings, against their abuser or false allegations, alone with no support, information or guidance.

She has assisted with applications of various orders and has worked alongside multi agencies to ensure the safety of the victim and their family.

Michelle strongly supports the need for family law reform to ensure equality.

Michelle has gained valuable insight and understanding through her training and experience around a wide array of issues that concern families and individuals whose lives are affected by the courts and especially matters relating to children after family breakdown and separation.

E-Mail: Michelle John DYN Project SafeLives

Thank you for visiting this page - unfortunately Michelle is unable to take further work at this time and is currently unable to assist in cases.

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