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Claire Hallam BA (Hons)

E-Mail: Claire Hallam

Profile: Many people, in many areas of their life are able, effective and successful. But when dealing with situations on a personal level, where emotions are at a high level, due to decisions that will have a long term impact upon them, their children or their career, it can be difficult.

The processes are often confusing, adversarial, and not necessarily logical to those inexperienced in the Law it’s policies and procedures. It is also the experience of some that they do not feel listened to, or do not have explained,  in terms they understand, the many processes involved.

Decisions often need to be made ‘on the spot' in Court. The most measured and confident of people can find themselves unable to identify the ramifications of a decision, in the longer term, in such an intense and emotional situation.

Having support from an experienced person in such circumstances, who can advise as to both the short and long term advantages and disadvantages of any such decision, can be invaluable.

Criminal and Family Courts

With considerable Court and dispute resolution experience, coupled with a  lifetime experience of working with people from all walks of life and differing needs and abilities, Claire is both able and skilled in understanding many difficult issues.

She has extensive experience in both Criminal and Family Courts at all levels which is invaluable in supporting people through any Court or Mediation Processes.

This enables Claire to support people and to identify how these issues can be best progressed.

An initial consultation can help to identify any issues and identify the options available to a person in the circumstances they find themselves on a practical and informed basis.