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Tara Gould

Profile:   Tara has spent many years working as a voluntary McKenzie Friend for a domestic violence charity. She gained her experience through representing herself in her own lengthy and complicated proceedings in the High Court, and went on to help others from there. She has not only attended advanced training courses to learn more about assisting people through the court procedure, but has also run a course with the charity she works for, alongside eminent barristers and judges, to train up other McKenzie Friends to help those who are Litigants in Person, which is becoming more common since the Legal Aid cuts.

Service and Support

Tara’s experience covers financial and children’s proceedings, where she helps clients remain focused and calm both before and during proceedings. Tara can advise on Prohibitive Steps orders, Non Molestation orders and also help with paperwork and court applications, which have become a complex procedure for those who aren’t legally trained or experienced.

Tara has come from a PR and Events background and her experience over the last 25 years has given her the organisation and planning skills that are needed in family law proceedings.

Tara has also set up a Facebook Group ‘Self Representing and McKenzie Friends in Court’, which helps people through the process, offering advice from others who have either been in a similar situation or had experience with specific hearings.

E-Mail: Tara Gould