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For those with little or no income the removal of Legal Aid from Family Court proceedings presents the Litigant in Person with a difficult choice.

Attending court without any knowledge or experience, particularly if the other party has legal representation, can be extremely daunting and frustrating for all parties, including the court.

With just a little input it may be possible for an experienced McKenzie Friend to help provide reassurance, guidance and support for you and your family during this difficult period using telephone and email support.

However, finding funding is extremely difficult and we rely entirely on donations, gifts and other contributions as well as the good will of our unpaid volunteers and McKenzie Friends.

To assist in this process we are always seeking donations and sponsors to provide us with crisis funding of up to £100.00 per case.  If you can help fund this work please get in touch with us.

Occasionally we do receive donations from members of the public for which we are grateful.  If you wish to make a donation, please contact us directly by email.

Thank you.

Non-Molestation Orders

At this time the only work we consider under this category of ‘crisis funding’ relates to urgent and Without Notice Applications for Non-Molestation Orders relating to Domestic Abuse.  

It should be possible to obtain Legal Aid for this but it is sometimes extremely difficult given the urgency needed for a Protection Order.

At a minimum cost (funded here) many of our McKenzie Friends are willing to assist people in a crisis.

In cases of extreme need we have McKenzie Friends who will charge nothing more than their expenses to assist a family in crisis within Family Court.

This is an emergency service only and subject to availability.

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This website and the information provided is funded privately by members of the McKenzie Friend Organisation.  It is not a government funded or assisted organisation.

Additionally, the site is maintained without any fees or commissions paid to McKenzie Friends listed here, nor any introduction fee.

£775 was raised in 2019 to help those most in need.

Steven Allan raised £775 in 2019

Crisis Funding - Donations and Sponsors