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Men’s Aid Charity

Sarah Louise Foulds

E-Mail: Sarah Foulds (Men's Aid)

Profile:  Sarah has been involved in the care loop for twenty years and holds a variety of qualifications ranging from Health & Social Care to an NNEB qualification in child care.  Sarah has taken several law examinations and is currently in her second year of study working towards achieving her LLB (Honours) Law degree.

Sarah has also completed courses in foundation of law, Social Care Law of England and Wales, Business Law, Discipline & Grievance - Employment Law, Care and the Law at Cert Dip distinction level. She is also trained in CBT Therapy and is a member of BABCP, (the lead organisation for CBT in the UK).

Sarah routinely acts as a McKenzie Friend and Lay Advocate for parents and family members in the Legal and Welfare Service departments of the Men’s Aid Charity where she also advises on aspects of Domestic Abuse, Parental Alienation and in preparing welfare reports for Family Court.

Sarah is a Associated Member of the Charted Institute of Legal Executives and wishes to become a full member of the Institute and a Legal Executive on completion of her Law Degree.

She has a excellent range of complementing skills and is regularly complemented on her professional and supportive role within her role.

Men's Aid Legal Services Men's Aid Welfare Services

Service and Support

Sarah works as a Volunteer with the Men’s Aid Charity as Head of Operations. The charity assists men and women equally and supports LGBTQ+ equality.

As Head of Operations she is responsible for the Legal and Welfare Service departments of the Men’s Aid Charity.

The charity receives no direct government funding and raises all of its money from its Membership Subscription and donations.

The Charity has Professional Insurance to cover the range of professional services it provides and consequently is only able to assist Members who have paid an annual fee of £25.00.

Men’s Aid Charity

Registered Number 1116309