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Graham Fletcher

Profile:   Graham is a McKenzie Friend based in Reading, who brings to his McKenzie Friend work over 15 years experience working in a variety of professional roles with children and families, for both local authorities and charities. Often this work successfully supported families in conflict to work towards better outcomes and subsequently he has in depth knowledge of how Social Services assess children's welfare. Graham is passionate about equal parenting and his two children live with both their parents equally.

Having presented his own case in his own divorce proceedings with the support of a McKenzie Friend, Graham's approach to his McKenzie Friend work is "understanding is everything" - he believes that once he has supported someone to fully understand the approach of Family Courts and CAFCASS, the possible directions ahead and the options available on the day, that they are likely to make better informed decisions. Once understood, Graham supports his clients to apply this knowledge to the statements they submit to court and their presentations and negotiations on the day.

Graham’s approach is child focused and he aims to work towards supporting children in having a healthy, significant relationship with both parents.

Service and Support

Often people going through stressful situations are under a huge amount of distress, may have become conditioned to accepting the actions of the other parent or have incorrect expectations of how family courts work.

E-Mail: Graham Fletcher

Many of Graham's clients have given testimonials on his website (link below) commending him on his assured, calming manner and the benefits of his informative, mentoring approach.

Graham Fletcher

Graham offers support to parents in Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and Wiltshire and primarily works in the Family Courts of Reading, Basingstoke, Oxford, Swindon, Slough and Southampton. He can also travel further on request.

Graham is a McKenzie Friend, Divorce Coach and Author of the book ‘Eyes Wide Open’.

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As a Divorce Coach Graham is the Author of ‘Eyes Wide Open’ which can be purchased from Amazon.