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Daniel Davis

E-Mail: Daniel Davis

Profile: Daniel's experience as a McKenzie Friend spans over eight years. He has excellent communication skills and pays particularly attention to detail. With a formidable reputation for handling emotionally charged and sensitive cases Daniel is a superb listener, ensuring his clients needs are clearly understood and has recently enrolled on a law degree course.

Daniel can be relied upon to draw reasonable, logical conclusions from limited information but is also able to absorb large quantities of detail as the case may determine.  He is able to write clearly, persuasively and concisely, then present your case a more manageable and precise way. 

Always thinking outside the box in order to achieve a fair outcome Daniel is personable, persuasive and professional with a proven record in all specialist subjects.  This has kept him extremely busy over recent years and, as a consequence and in order to ensure that he gives his clients the attention they deserve, he cannot accept more then three live cases at any time. 

Daniel works along the M4 corridor within the Swindon area and specialises in separation and parenting matters. The empathy he shows has had a positive outcome when assisting his clients both during negotiations, or though Court proceedings. 

Service and Support

Daniel is both experienced and confident he will be able to assist you in three main areas:

Family Law

Employment Tribunal

Small Claims

He has a wide range of skills and practical expertise in these fields gained over many years of assisting others as a Trades Union Representative.

In this role he has undertake a variety of related training courses and has been involved in many aspects of personnel welfare and employment support.

You will find Daniel to be warm, friendly, approachable and willing to share his extensive knowledge.