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Les Culshaw

E-Mail: Les Culshaw

Profile: It’s not all doom and gloom if you are financially unable to instruct a solicitor or obtain Legal Aid following family separation or divorce.

Les is an experienced McKenzie Friend who specialises in offering a viable option to going it alone in the Family Court.  His advice and strategy may be priceless to you within your own court proceedings.

The daunting tasks of making applications, service and general dealings in litigation can be turned from a nightmare into a simple task immediately removing your worries.

Like many other McKenzie Friends Les has first hand dealings with the judicial process and knows many of the pit falls enabling him to help you level the playing field.

As a ‘fountain of knowledge’ Les and his strategies have proven to be very effective in the most acrimonious of family cases and you will feel both confident and comfortable with his assistance.

Family Law Specialist

Les has attended court assisting Litigants in Person since 2008 and can provide detailed information and advice relating to enforcement and variation of current orders or address any matters that may need a prohibited steps or specific issues orders, for example, in relation to a child’s school.

From making the initial application through to contested hearings Les has helped defend allegations of DVA, child abduction and obtained shared care arrangements.

Les is becoming a familiar face amongst the judiciary, legal profession, and court welfare officers and will help present your case to his fullest capacity and to the highest of standards.

Highly recommended and commended.

“I wish to record that within the four walls of this courtroom, which is, of course, the extent of my observation of him, Mr Culshaw has acted impeccably and within the proper boundaries of a McKenzie Friend. He has shown respect and courtesy to the court. He has been a model of restraint. He has not sought to become an advocate and nor would I have permitted him to do so, but he has provided visible and obvious help and support to the sister, and he has helped her to formulate sensible and well judged questions.”

The Honourable Mr Justice Holman  [2016] EWFC 55