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Ashby de la Zouch

Colin Brealey  F Inst Pa

E-Mail: Colin Brealey

Profile:  Colin has many years of experience as a McKenzie Friend, supporting individuals in preparation for the court process and giving advice and guidance in the courtroom. Usually he will provide a Position Statement which will enable you to deliver your argument concisely and accurately: this often results in being a real benefit to the development of a case. Outside of court, as a McKenzie Friend, Colin is able to support and advise with negotiations as you require.

In addition to all of the above, when it is time for your case to be heard, your McKenzie Friend can support you in many ways during the court process. Colin will be sitting next to you in the court room and will have fully outlined what to expect. McKenzie Friends are able to quietly advise and help with understanding case papers and procedures and Colin will be able to prompt you with the main points you wish to inform the Court. He will also be there to advise you on how to respond to issues which are raised.

Colin’s presence as your McKenzie Friend to provide you with moral support will no doubt be a reassurance and enable you to achieve the best outcome in the circumstances.

Service and Support

Colin is a highly experienced and committed Fellow McKenzie Friend and Paralegal, registered with the Institute of Paralegals, who has been supporting families in all matters relating to court since 2008. He has assisted in hundreds of cases which have been heard at all levels of court, including Family Proceedings Courts, County Courts, The Central Family Court, The Court of Protection and the Royal Courts of Justice.

Colin’s practical and well informed advice is influenced by his considerable experience, and his main objective is to help families gain positive outcomes for their children and the family as a whole, whilst reducing the time, stress and cost of lengthy court proceedings. Colin also possesses a good understanding of divorce or financial matters.

Colin is regularly commended by the judiciary for the support and assistance he provides, especially for his determination to achieve child focused outcomes. Colin works closely with a national shared parenting charity and is committed to attending regular training courses provided by a regional Family Justice Board.

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