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Service and Support

Steven absolutely understands what many families experience during separation and divorce.

The service he offers not only looks at legal issues but he also suggests ways in which his own experiences can be used to reduce conflict and avoid  potentially long and costly court hearings.

Training in many aspects of personnel and management throughout his business career Steven has continued with his professional training and has completed the advanced McKenzie Friend training course in London with Simon Walland Family Law.

Profile: Steven is a highly skilled and quietly confident executive with thirty five years of professional experience in administration and business management.

A former Company Director and Small Business Advisor, Steven has been a School Governor, an active volunteer with a local children’s hospice and is a Trustee of a national Domestic Abuse charity.

Steven has assisted families as a McKenzie Friend and, with a sound knowledge and focused approach in Children's Proceedings, he has helped to gain positive outcomes for parents, children and their families in Family Court.

In 2010 Steven had no alternative than to represent himself in Family Court as a Litigant in Person. The experience he gained and the lessons learned inspired him to ensure that others would not tread the same path.

Steven has gained a valuable insight to family law from both the Mankind Initiative and Men’s Aid and also offers to them his services as a McKenzie Friend.

Steven Allan


You will find Steven to be knowledgeable, understanding helpful  and dedicated to you and your family.

“My role as a McKenzie Friend is based upon a belief that children are not ‘owned’ but a gift, the most precious gift of all.”

E-Mail: Steven Allan Family Mediation Service