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Charles Aghadiuno LLB

E-Mail: Charles Aghadiuno

Profile:  Charles is an Independent Legal Adviser who specialises in Criminal Law and has spent 23 years in the Magistrates' Courts Service after being called to the Bar in 1987. He offers affordable legal advice, support and guidance services as an alternative to the conventional route of going through a solicitor.  

As well as being fully insured, his experience and skills place Charles in a very good position to provide that much needed alternative.  With widespread cuts to legal aid he believes there will be an increased need for access to affordable legal advice and support without the prohibitive costs normally associated with the legal sector.

His many years of experience in the Magistrates' Courts involved advising both Magistrates and District Judges on law and procedure. This of course covered a wide area within the Magistrates' Courts criminal and civil jurisdiction.

In addition to this he was also appointed as a legal adviser to the Lord Chancellor's Advisory Committee which was responsible for the interviewing, selection and recruitment of Magistrates.  

Charles has a breadth of experience and detailed knowledge within the Magistrates' Courts Service with particular particular interest in Road Traffic Law and legislation relating to the Dangerous Dogs Act. He also recently developed some experience and expertise in Family and Immigration law and looks forward assisting people in these areas.

Service and Support

Criminal Law

After twenty three years working in Magistrates' Courts Charles can safely say his experience of criminal law matters.  

Road Traffic Law

Have you received a summons for a traffic offence? At a loss as to what to do? Should you plead guilty or not guilty? Worried about being disqualified from driving or about points being added to your licence?


Are you considering an appeal? In most cases you can appeal to the Crown Court and there are other types of appeals  but these are not always easy and there are time limits!

More Information

You can find more about the services offered by Charles in the link below.

Independent Legal Advisor